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Episode 1: All About Hayley. . .show notes

*3:00 Yes, we now know that Hayley is divorced and actually has been since May 22nd.

*5:15 Starbucks Skinny Latte

*6:10 Enneagram, take your free test here. Hayley is a 9, the peacemaker. Hillary is a 7, the enthusiast.

*19:15 The Queen of England signals that she is done with a conversation by swapping her purse from her left hand to her right hand. For other interesting royal rules, click here.

*24:00 Hayley’s favorite food, loaded fries from Alamo Drafthouse.

*30:00 Hayley and Kelly were going to run the, Leadville Heavy Half Marathon. Hayley’s training program.

*40:30 Hayley’s top 3 books: Shanna by Kathleen E Woodiwiss, Walking with God by John Eldridge, Broken Harbor by Tana French.

*44:00 Favorite Shows: Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, Jane the Virgin.

*45:00 Movie mentioned featuring Jon Hamm (Don Draper from Mad Men), Richard Jewell.

*47:00 What does, “shrinking violet” mean?

*52:00 Taylor Swift song, The Man.

*53:40 We have not used this female urination device. . .but we do know that it exists.

*59:00 Hayley’s favorite poem is Eternity by William Blake.

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