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Episode 16: Shootin' The Shiz-Show Notes

And we're back! It felt so good to be back in the. . .studio (or Hayley's kitchen) after a 6 week hiatus. But here we are catching up on all of the things.

9:06 First of all, we believe Mr. Swagger's incredible scent to be Old Spice deodorant. While we do not know the exact scent (Hayley thinks it's called Old Spice One, which sadly doesn't actually exist) here are all of the scents if you're curious.

11:42 Thanks to one of our favorite listeners, Adrienne, for suggesting this awesome book as a remedy to our episode 15 talks of numbing with media. Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

28:30 Where did Mr. Swagger take Hayley on a date? Why, the Texas Chili Parlor of course!

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