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Episode 2: All About Hillary. . .show notes

*1:30 Hayley and Hillary have in fact decided not to run for HOA president. They aren’t sure why or when the elections were but those two facts lead most to believe that it was a sound decision.

*14:20 Yes, Hillary’s parents had to speak to her childhood gymnastics teacher because she was so mean to children who lacked skills (aka, Hillary). Kindness matters friends, even for gymnastics teachers. . .#DontBeAnAmanda

*21:45 This Is Us Season two, episode 11 contains the scene Hillary referenced. The whole episode is fabulous but the rehab scene can be seen here: https://youtu.be/KD7CqBYEq8Q

*32:00 Hillary says that the best karaoke song is Shania Twain’s, Any Man of Mine

*35:00 Hayley would rather karaoke to Reba McEntire’s, Fancy

*39:45 Hillary loves the book, Boundaries by Henry Townsend and Henry Cloud

*46:00 Friends don't let friends flush their drugs lest they create, “meth gators.”

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